Safety Coaching for Company Boards and Executives

Safety Coaching for Company Boards and Executives
Leading Edge Safety Systems provides a supportive relationship with its clients to maximise organisational safety performance and to assist senior management in driving safety behaviour and cultural change. Our consultants provide safety governance advice to company boards and senior executives and have particular expertise in assisting organisations to adopt contemporary practice error management initiatives. The types of advice we have provided to clients has included:
  • Understanding and taking positive steps to manage a work culture of workaround or short cuts.
  • Analysing at risk behavior and unsafe habits and the development of error tolerant systems.
  • Advice on the use of practical lead and lag indicators of safety performance for upwards reporting to company boards and CEO’s.
  • Demonstrating contemporary practice in key safety assurance activities.
  • Understanding and meeting obligations imposed by industry and safety regulatory agencies.
  • Risk communication strategies following a major accident or failure.