Human Factors/Non Technical Skills Training & Assessment

Human Factors/Non Technical Skills Training & Assessment
High quality human factors training can help equip your staff with practical error management skills resulting in improved safety, less accidents and greater efficiency. Leading Edge Safety Systems has substantial experience in the development and implementation of customised human factors and non-technical skills (NTS) training and assessment programs. We have technically authored a lot of the current human factors educational guidance material offered to the aviation industry through the Civil Aviation Safety Authority. Our consultants can provide technical expertise in developing and delivering the following requirements
  • Threat and Error Management (TEM) training and assessment.
  • Human factors or non-technical skills training in accordance with industry requirements (Civil Aviation and Rail Transport) or recommended industry standards (Minerals Council, NOPSEMA).
  • The development of behavioral markers for non technical skills assessment.
  • Practical tools and strategies to evaluate human factors training effectiveness.