HSE Incident Investigations

HSE Incident Investigations
Through our safety investigation partner Safety Wise Solutions , our consultants have second to none experience in conducting independent systemic safety investigation in a wide variety of high risk industries and across many different national cultur es. Our consultants are able to provide highly objective and confidential investigations into workplace incidents or near misses from le ading complex Legal and Professional Privilege (LPP) investigations to providing practical advice on minor events in the following ind ustries:
  • Surface transportation - rail, heavy vehicle and maritime.
  • Aviation - air transport, airports and airspace management.
  • Mining and resources sector.
  • Construction industry.
  • Energy and power transmission/generation.
  • Essential services industries - fire, ambulance, emergency services.
  • Environmental harm and dangerous goods.
  • Service industries - retail, healthcare.
We are familiar with various systemic incident investigation analysis methodologies such as ICAM, 5 WHYS, RCA, TapRoot , HFACS, Tripod and many others.